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Sensor to Cloud

The Datascape Harvester Tool closes the loop between sensors and other data collection hardware produced by Datascape and various 3rd parties.

Using Harvester, users can chart, monitor and control their environments remotely.  Set up notification rules for abnormal/critical events to stay on top of production.



Wide Area Networks

Wide area networking - LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN is a relatively new wireless protocol enabling the true Internet of Things (IoT).  It has been a disruptive technology for some time now, because it allows anyone to deploy their own private network, enabling LoRa devices within a 15km line-of-sight radius to have bi-directional communications.   The drawback for this protocol is the amount of data that can be sent. 

At the maximum distance, the data throughput is limited to 52 characters – about a quarter the size of a standard SMS message.


For most applications, this is ideal for gathering timeous data and to control various remote equipment such as pumps, valves and relays.  Because of the low data rate, over 3000 devices can communicate to a single gateway, putting LoRaWAN in a unique class.  This is a staple technology at Datascape.


LoRaWAN Gateway / Concentrator Installation

Network Management (Network Server / Application server hosting)

Integration with (TTN).

Electronic Desgn

Electronic and Embedded Design

Tailor-made electronics offer full control over the cost and functionality during the development lifecycle of a dream product.  Surprisingly, this can work out as a more cost-effective approach because the product comprises of just the right number of components to do the job well.

Ion - Dissect - 2.png


Electronic design

Manufacturing and Assembly

Embedded programming


Custom Apps and Integration

Create a custom application to bring you closer to your production data.
Apps and Integration
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