Datascape Industrial (Pty) Ltd

About Us

Over the past decade we have witnessed a surge of new technologies that enable incredible possibilities for industries of all kinds. We are witnessing the culmination of:

  • real-time communication among systems,

  • edge computing,

  • artificial intelligence,

  • low-power, long-range networks

Datascape, registered in 2016, combines expertise from the manufacturing industry and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to bring about big change in how we gather data and control our environment. 


Our mission is to free up resources through process optimization.

Since the days of Industry 3.0 which saw the introduction of sophisticated control systems to improve on the fluidity of the production line (introduced during the second industrial revolution), efficiencies have improved many fold.  Industrial automation has allowed us to build our future rapidly and with better precision.

So, what can we do to improve on this? Industry 4.0.  It is this revolution that enables systems to interact with each other in intelligent and meaningful ways, thus reducing the reliance on human intervention.  This ultimately means less error, higher accuracy / repeatability and more importantly, frees up human resources to pursuit grander and more ambitious projects.

"Instead of seeking new landscapes, develop new eyes."

Marcel Proust (1871-1922)