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Frequently Asked Questions


What is LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN enables LOng RAnge bi-directional communication between a gateway and Node (also referred to as a  Mote). LoRaWAN and other LPWANs (Low Power Wide Area Networks) form the cornerstones for (I)IoT and small data communication.

A Gateway is a device that enables two way communication between itself and LoRaWAN enabled nodes. A network may consist of multiple Gateways.

What is a LoRaWAN Gateway?

What distance can a Node transmit and receive data at?

Some test show that ranges of 100 km are possible in ideal conditions.  More commonly though, a node can typically transmit and receive data at a range of 2~15 km depending on the environment.  

Is there a gateway close to me?

If you plan to use LoRaWAN nodes in the city or urban areas, chances are good.  There are open networks available to join such as the popular Things Network.  It is also possible to put up your own gateway for private applications.

How many devices can a gateway handle?

Each gateway is capable of hosting 1000+ nodes, such as our LoRaWAN enabled devices. 

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