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Ion is a customizable LoRaWAN device created to collect data about its environment. Periodically, Ion collects data from inputs, and forwards it over the air to other applications.  Ion integrates with other hardware and sensors giving them the freedom to be deployed virtually anywhere.


Once connected, the data stream can be directed to the cloud, SCADA, mobile devices or web platforms to name a few.  The Ion works well in rural areas or challenging terrain where traditional data transfer infrastructure is limited or unavailable.

Use our platform to manage your devices and visualize your application today.

  • GPS positioning

  • Small form factor

  • Optionally solar powered

  • Variety of enclosure designs to suit different applications

  • GSM network independent

  • Up to 15 km range in open air and around 2 km in urban environments

  • Battery life:

    • more than 2 years in GPS tracking mode @ 1 update a day

    • more than 5 years in passive measurement mode

  • Activated by movement (preserves battery life when not in use)

  • Activity meter

  • Built-in temperature sensor (-40 to 85 ºC)

  • Accommodates three additional sensors (max input: 3V6)

  • Ideal for
    • Asset tracking
    • Gathering environment data
    • Security
    • Fridge / Freezer temperature monitoring
    • Point-of-interest activity
    • Measuring anything digitizable
  • The Things Network Ready

  • Available in 433MHz, 868MHz, 913MHz

Start exploring possibilities with a customizable demo unit.  This does require a nearby LoRa Gateway. See Things Network Coverage or deploy your own Gateway.

Harvester / Serial

Harvester / Serial

Serial interface with a water quality logger probe. (RS232 interface)

Ion Node Basic

Base board with GPS

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